Coaching with me provides structure, clarity, and a truly inspired experience during a time when life feels like it’s up in the air and spinning out of control.

Coaching evokes your own ambitions for your move abroad. Each move is different—trust me, I’ve had many—and each person’s vision of creating home in a new place and what they hope to gain out of the experience is unique, too.

Through my signature system “Dare to Thrive” designed just for expats, I’ll coach you step by step through your expat transition, wherever you are in the process. From the decision to move, through to settling in and adjusting to your new home, you can rely on me to help create the experience you dream of.

But you don’t need to jump out of a plane to become resilient and fearless . . . that’s where coaching comes in!

At the end of our time together you will:

  • Feel calm and prepared to embrace this opportunity of a lifetime.
  • Shorten the adjustment curve so you can maximise your time abroad in positive ways
  • Be unfazed by common hurdles that arise when making such a huge life decision
  • Experience a safe, confidential, and non-judgmental environment so you can safely explore your hopes and dreams for your move and create a plan to achieve them.
  • Reevaluate your purpose whilst abroad so that you don’t lose your sense of identity.

Be able to confidently voice your needs, and those of your family, to create a successful move that is truly an experience of a lifetime!

Click here to learn about my signature system just for expats and soon-to-be expats!

I also work with employers, HR solutions providers, relocation services, and many other organizations in the expat ecosystem to create successful relocations abroad!