for Executive Expats

Become the LEADER you want to be abroad!
The impact abroad accelerator for executive expats is a customised program designed to help you accelerate the time that it takes for you to successfully adapt to a new country & company culture with less stress and frustration and more ease.

in this program, you will:

  • Accelerate your assimilation into your new home and environment.
  • Learn to manage your new organization’s expectations to ensure that you & the head office are aligned with deliverables and timelines.
  • Learn how to manage your own transition expectations so that you can get out of frustration mode & step into awareness, acceptance, and high performance.
  • Improve your communication with your diverse teams so that you can build trust and get buy-in. At the end of the day, all sustainable results are achieved through people.
  • Maximize your time to enable faster contribution in both your work and personal life.
  • Unlock limitless leadership potential.
You will receive an actionable and achievable transition roadmap to start creating the executive expat experience you desire. We will work from the inside out, to facilitate a smooth transition into a meaningful abroad experience that supports your lifestyle and career ambitions.


Executive Expat
Support Team

  • Charlotte as your Executive Expat Coach
  • Cultural Agility coach

Executive Expat

  • On-demand learning center with video training, tools, and resources
  • Suite of executive assessments (including cultural assessments, energy leadership, time management, values, strengths & more)
  • Suite of tools: (Cultural Inventory Tool, Core Dynamics, & more)
  • Full Focus Planner






Before you have the capacity to worry about cultural integration, building relationships at work, and being effective at the job you were hired to do…. first, you need to establish a foundational home base. Learn to create a home away from home both internally (so you emotionally connect with your new home base) & externally (so you can get settled into your new surroundings.) You’ll learn how to build resilience, overcome change anxiety and fear; as well as coping with incompetence. In this pillar, it’s all about surviving before thriving.
  • Reduce change anxiety, stress, & overwhelm
  • Navigate culture shock by mastering the adaptation curve
  • Build a supportive social network
  • Emotional adjustment strategies
  • Create strong family bonds by creating a shared vision and goals for your life board (and then bring them to life).
  • Identify your vision & goals for your life abroad (and then bring them to life!)



An international move into a new role brings about a certain set of new expectations. Your new organization and leaders have expectations of you. And you likely have a certain set of expectations for yourself, the move, the country, the role, the talent pool, the team, and the organization. In order to have a successful expat experience, it’s imperative you learn to recalibrate both sets of expectations and increase agility.
  • Boundary setting to allow for work/life balance
  • Effectively communicating to the home office
  • Increase employee engagement & buy-in from your intercultural team
  • Time mastery techniques



Energy Leadership is where the magic happens and we officially move out of surviving abroad and into thriving abroad. Mastering energy leadership is like running an x-ray on your brain. It gives you the opportunity to reshape your attitude and worldview and essentially transform not only how you engage with others, but who you are at your core.

Of course, we love the idea of becoming our best selves in a new place. But we often underestimate how much of our old beliefs we can bring into a new environment. In this pillar, we’ll pinpoint what might drag you down and you’ll learn how to show up as the most present, energetic, and powerful version of yourself!
  • Energy Leadership & Core Dynamics Toolkit
  • Discover your unshakable core compass that will lead you effortlessly through your executive expat experience
  • Create your desired results, in the moment, with a mindset that ensures clarity, focus, confidence, and energy
  • Reduce recurring stresses that negatively affect your performance, productivity, and decision-making
  • Performance optimization
  • Override behavioural biases
  • Conquer fear & your inner critic



Moving to a different country means different customs in both personal and professional spheres. The habits you learned in your country of origin are challenged when you move to another country. Misunderstandings can quickly build up and hinder you from working efficiently and communicating effectively. Having the right intercultural competencies increases your opportunities and makes you capable of getting the most out of your expat experience. In this pillar, you will work with a cultural coach and develop strategies to close culture gaps between your culture, local culture, company culture, & team culture to realise your full potential in an increasingly diverse work environment.
  • Local Culture:
    • Cultural sensitivity and adaptation
    • Cultural Assessments: Country Navigator Tool & Globe Smart Profile Cultural Inventory Tool for cultural comparisons
  • Company Culture:
    • Manage difficult, high-stake relationships with senior stakeholders with and without cultural differences
    • Business practices & behavioural patterns of new company culture
  • Team Culture:
    • Understanding team dynamics
    • Emotional Intelligence
  • Your Culture
    • Aware of your own culture and how it shows in your behaviour
    • Understanding of when and how to adapt your own style of leadership



As leaders grow in their international roles, the skills that originally got them into their position will not be the same skills that propel their global career. What worked at home may not work overseas. Smart executives learn how to lead in a global context.
Develop fresh executive skills, effective communication, executive presence, swift decision-making, and strategic thinking. To be successful abroad, global executives need to learn how to inspire and motivate in a foreign culture. Learn to redefine what “powerful” communication means in various cultural contexts and adapt to different ways of building and maintaining relationships.
  • Secure quick wins as a new leader
  • Build respect and influence within the organization
  • Create sustainable results and drive team performance
  • Accelerate professional advancement
  • Maximize your leadership style superpowers
Investment in one’s development is the biggest determinant of professional success


“Charlotte has a way of cutting through the overstory that I get lost in to bring the heart of the issue to light. In doing so, she helps me look at and address critical pieces that I have used to empower myself going forward. I highly recommend working with her”

Megan Warren
Director - International AID’s Society