The Success Accelerator
Assessment & Debrief
for Executive Expats

Is the
of day-to-day responsibilities
and tasks
in your new
job & country
taking it
out of you?

Or is it that:

  • You want to move past survival in your new country, and have the direction and energy to stay focused on your long term ambitions to drive the success you desire in your new role abroad.
  • You feel the weight of your new international role’s responsibility: you can’t drop the ball, you can’t slow down and are expected to always hold it all together at work and home.
  • You know that you are capable of achieving your life & leadership potential having the impact that you want, but are either lacking the clarity, mindset, or strategy to create the type of success you want in your executive expat role.

Are you ready to

stop the cycle of what is not working in your executive expat experience and take control of your life and work?

IF YES! It’s time to take the Success Accelerator Assessment and understand exactly why:

  • You are struggling to stay on top of demands in your life abroad: You are letting work take over your life and self-care and work-life balance seems unattainable.
  • You are painfully aware that you’re not quite showing up at your new executive expat role and in life in the way you would like to be.
  • You feel you are constantly fire fighting with the constant weight on your shoulders which is draining your energy so that you are not making the most of this abroad experience.
We all love the idea of becoming our best selves in a new place, but often underestimate how much of our old beliefs we can bring into a new environment.
With this assessment, you’ll have the key to:
  • unlocking your limitless leadership potential abroad and at home
  • achieving more of the success and balance you truly want
  • without the overwhelming pressure and burnout
With this assessment, you will learn:
  • Why you feel like you have limited options and one simple trick to seeing all options available to you.
  • how to recognize your most important goals and clarify the behaviours that will lead to its achievement.
  • How to get more done in less time, with less stress and effort and… much more fulfilment.
  • Plus tons of other insights based on your individualised results.
This incredibly accurate assessment recognised by Forbes as a top 10 assessment for understanding your strengths and gaps will put you in touch with the missing link between your ambitions and your ability to achieve them and how to break through dominant thought patterns and habits that are derailing your progress.


A 20 minute online

A 10 page
customized report

A 60 minute
personal coaching
session with


The results will change the way you view the world, unlock your full potential & re-energize your life!
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​​“Doing the Success Accelerator Assessment with Charlotte was a truly insightful experience for me. It is a crystal clear process that helped me ask myself the tough questions that seem to escape us or sit in our blind spots. It illustrated how I can be more effective as a leader and forced me to challenge some of my assumptions. I recommend it to any leader who is looking to increase their effectiveness or wants to challenge themselves!”

Tom Daley
General Manager, Thermo Fisher