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Julia Finch

"Charlotte is a phenomenally wise and intuitive"

Charlotte helped me enormously with a transition I was going through, which was pretty daunting for me both in terms of my own mindset (needing to embrace rather than fear the change) and also in how I tackled some tricky conversations I needed to have – and with her help I nailed it! She really is phenomenally wise and intuitive – and absolutely spot-on in the insightful questions she asks.

"I felt, supported, inspired and motivated, with a clear action goal"

Before working with Charlotte I felt a bit unmotivated, stuck and not sure in which direction to take. Charlotte very quickly help me realize what direction I wanted to take, she motivated me and helped me to brainstorm ideas. I would definitely recommend Charlotte to any one, and especially to a friend. She is a true professional who has the skills to support ones growth and development. She acts with integrity, sensitivity and compassion.

Agnieszka Stopczanska

Kathy Powell

"A great coach; she can really pull me out of my head"

Having Charlotte as my Coach is like having a best friend that will not let you get stuck in your own head. She intuitively asks questions that make me think deeper and to see my concerns in a whole new light. Charlotte knows how to ask the tough questions so that I can look at my situation from many different angles which, in turn, opens the door to a whole new world of possibilities.
Even when my thoughts come tumbling out with no particular direction, she listens and responds from a place of true understanding. She’s very adept at pulling out the emotions and meanings around my jumbled words.

"I feel a renewed sense of motivation and so confident in my choices"

Charlotte is such a wonderful and uplifting coach. Before we spoke I was feeling so much anxiety, pressure, and stress from trying to make a big decision that it had been affecting my daily life.
After sitting down and speaking with Charlotte I felt such a huge weight lifted. She is so patient, kind, and compassionate. She was able to give me the space and freedom to think out loud while she offered support and encouragement. Charlotte used a great tool to help me identify the things that were deeply important to me and to go after the things that inspire me. I feel a renewed sense of motivation to go after my dreams and now I feel so confident in my choice. I would recommend her to anyone struggling with a decision, or who wants to feel inspired to chase their goals.

Alyssa Murphy

Francka Sullivan

"Charlotte is equal parts strategist, thought
provoker and cheerleader"

Charlotte has been very helpful in my personal growth process. She has a knack for revamping your own, sometimes confusing thoughts in a way that adds meaningful direction and inspiration.

"I highly recommend working with her"

Charlotte has a way of cutting through the overstory that I get lost in to bring the heart of the issue to light. In doing so, she helps me look at and address critical pieces that I have used to empower myself going forward. She creates a safe harbor for this work – a place of non-judgment, where she is able to help me see my better self, even in the moments I feel like my lowest self. With Charlotte’s help, I have worked through messy incidents and emotions, understood how the stories I tell myself in the moment hold me back, and developed actionable plans for overcoming obstacles. I highly recommend working with her.”

Megan Warren

"Charlotte is an incredible coach"

Charlotte is an incredible coach with great empathy and passion, she is so credible and I enjoy working with her at many levels. She inspires me in everything she does, her presence is great as a human and a Coach.

Fatma Al Sahlawi

Head of HR at Etihad Airways

I believe we all have the power to create the life we want and I want to help you realize that and go for it!



By getting curious about motivations and by removing the “should’s”, the obligations and the pressures of living a certain kind of life you can learn to listen and trust yourself and from there you can create the life YOU were actually meant to live.

As your coach, I will warmly and truthfully encourage, support and guide you to dig deeper and discover what you have been looking for, together we will explore the beliefs that are no longer serving you and start taking action in a direction that feels exciting and inspiring to you.