There’s so much to gain in your move abroad… don’t lose the most important element: YOU!

Create amazing memories
that you and your family talk about
for the rest of your lives!

Moving abroad brings mixed emotions. You’re excited, but stress and anxiety can also creep up on you

The truth is, in any phase of your move abroad, uncertainty and fear can quickly color your experience, causing you to miss the experience you were so excited about (trust me, I’ve seen it over and over again).

Instead, you can create the fun, adventurous, smooth transition you dream about. 

DARE TO THRIVE, a customised private, 1:1 coaching program

that puts you in control of your abroad experience so you can make
the most of this once-in-a-lifetime adventure!

“Charlotte really is phenomenally wise and intuitive – and absolutely spot-on in the insightful questions. I’d strongly recommend her as a coach”

Megan Warren

“I would recommend charlotte to anyone struggling with a decision, or who wants to feel inspired to chase their goals.”

Alyssa Murphy 

“Charlotte is a fantastic coach who has helped me through some tricky situations. She listened to the problems and then asked some really fantastic and probing questions that made me truly think about the best way forward so that the solution aligned with my values.”

Jackie Beasley

“Charlotte helped me to focus and priorities on what is of power mount importance to me right now and this has helped me a great deal and I have noticed that I am feeling more like my natural self once again and no longer like a victim. I feel emotionally stronger and it feels so great.” 

Krystl Kyzr

“I would definitely recommend Charlotte to any one, and especially to a friend. She is a true professional who has the skills to support ones growth and development. She acts with integrity, sensitivity and compassion.” 

Agnieszka Stopczanska

You’re capable, resourceful, and up for an adventure . . .

so why would you need to invest in coaching?

As an active member of many expat communities, I have heard this over and over:

“I wish I had known how much the anxiety, overwhelm, and isolation could rob us of our adventure. If I’d had a guide, our family could have been bonding and creating amazing memories so much more quickly!”

Without the benefit of individualized coaching:


  • You’re starting from scratch with no support and no plan. Winging it can lead to loneliness, feeling lost, and letting the experience pass you by.
  • Your marital relationship can become strained while you lose your sense of self and struggle with feeling lost and alone.
  • Feeling isolated from beloved friends and family and abandoned by your support network from home can lead to resentment and strained relationships.
  • Feeling intimidated by meeting new people can sneak up on even the most self-assured, outgoing expat! Suddenly you’re suffering a crisis of confidence that’s stopping you from making the most of your journey.
  • The distracting administrative tasks can sidetrack your adventure, and you can become frustrated and discouraged that you, a capable, resourceful person, can’t figure it out!
  • Stress and anxiety can wear you down, until you don’t have the energy to provide the experience you wanted for your children and family.


By investing in coaching with me, you can spend less time putting out fires and dealing with stress.

Instead, I’ll help you have a smooth, fun transition, from the first decision to creating your new home away from home.

Working with me, you’ll be able to show up for this journey as the person you imagine yourself to be for your family and for yourself: Resilient, Excited, Fun, and Confident! 

Here’s what happens next:

▸ You’ll be taken straight to my booking website, where you can find a time that is convenient for you and me to get to know each other. (Reserve about 60 minutes to tell me all about what’s going on for you!)


▸ During this call, we’ll laser-focus on [pain/gain/gap], so you can prioritize, relax, and get excited about your opportunity!


▸ If you decide to work with me at the end of the call, you’ll receive a welcome packet, contract, and in-depth questionnaire to kick off our coaching relationship.
We’ll get our Foundations deep-dive session on the books . . . and you’ll get ready to THRIVE!

The possibilities are infinite during your

DARE TO THRIVE coaching journey:

Your Dare to Thrive coaching package contains everything you need to

be present in the journey and create an unforgettable experience!


  • 1 x 75-minute Foundations Session to establish a strong, trusting relationship with your expat coach. It’s important that you feel safe during our coaching relationship, so you can speak your truth!

  • 8 x 60-minute Coaching Calls (held via Skype, Zoom, phone or WhatsApp—wherever you are, we’ll find a way to connect). This is your time to dive into the tools that will help you make the most of your journey! You’ll look forward to your weekly meeting with your support system and champion — me!

  • 1x 60-minute assessment debrief session that uncovers the #1 thought pattern that threatens to derail your abroad experience.


  • A powerful, accurate assessment that will immediately pinpoint the patterns of behavior that can drag you down . . . and will also nail your energy superpowers so you can turn around any situation you might encounter!

  • Coaching is wonderful . . . applying your coaching to the real world is what makes it work! You’ll get valuable field guides, workbooks, and PDFs to make sure that you practice and master the tools and insights you’ll be gaining through coaching. Coaching is an investment that lasts a lifetime!

  • Customized (and quick!) assignments to deepen your knowledge about the expat experience,  because knowledge is power.

DARE TO THRIVE is for you if:


▸ You’ve made the decision to move abroad . . . now what?


▸ You’ve arrived in your new country and want support to cope with, adjust to, and thrive in your new environment.


▸ Your expat assignment is over . . . do we stay, or go back home? I can help you repatriate smoothly.

Here’s a sampling of possible topics we’ll cover together during our time together based on your needs: 


During this 75-minute deep dive, we’ll cover everything you need to know to have a comfortable, safe coaching experience with me! Plus, you’ll get:


▸ The Expat’s Roadmap. Uncover the link between where you are on the Adaptation Curve and how you’re showing up during your transition abroad.


▸ The Expat Wheel of Life: Want your journey to roll along smoothly? This tool will help us uncover any areas that are going to cause bumps in your road before they happen!


▸ The Expat’s Mission Statement: Every strong journey starts with a strong intention. We’ll create a powerful, authentic declaration to guide your experience.


Anxiety, stress, and fear are natural travel companions for any expat!



Quickly eliminate negative thinking and emotions with a fast, powerful tool for shifting energy in yourself and those around you.


▸ Put yourself in the driver’s seat of this adventure! Learn to get rid of that “things are out of control” feeling so you can create the experience you desire.


▸ Practice living in the moment and being fully present to what’s happening now, with a specially designed workbook to help you road-test staying grounded in the chaos!


You need to be crystal clear on what’s going to suck the life out of you so that you can stay ahead of it! Don’t get caught spinning out in a low-energy drainpipe.



Discover the 6 sneaky energy drains that can rob you of being your best self during a major transition.


Create a rock-solid plan for defeating that “I just can’t” feeling that can creep up when you’re overwhelmed or when fear arises.


If you’re in the position of supporting others, such as your spouse and family, you’ll know how to turn these 6 sneaky energy drains into energy powerhouses for yourself and others.


Time to create your “home away from home”! Kick off your journey by discovering your unshakable core compass that will lead you effortlessly through your adventure.



Say goodbye to decision paralysis for good.


Discover your concept of “home” so you can create it anywhere in the world, giving you (and your family) security and comfort no matter where you land (yes, even in that temporary hotel set up!).


Learn to conquer the fears that make you miss exciting opportunities.


We love the idea of becoming our best selves in a new place, but often underestimate how much of our old beliefs we can bring into a new environment. This incredibly accurate assessment will pinpoint exactly what might drag you down . . . and with your coach, you’ll learn how to show up as the most present, energetic, and powerful version of yourself!.


Uncover what’s getting in the way of making the most of your new country.


Discover the secret to showing up in a way that will attract a warm, welcoming circle of new friends faster than you can imagine!


Reveal your sabotaging patterns and create new, more empowering habits for a successful expat experience.


It’s too easy to become an invisible support, just a cog in the wheel of transition! Between establishing a foreign bank account, not knowing the language, and getting everyone set up in schools and clubs . . . it can be easy to lose the vision you had in the first place. 


Get clear on what a successful move abroad means to you, so you can eliminate anything that doesn’t fit your vision.


Create a road map that is the perfect reflection of the life you want to create whilst away from home.


Create strong family bonds by creating a shared vision and goals for your move. Shared goals generate excitement, energy, and common purpose!


You’ve created a rock-solid foundation and vision for the next chapter in your life. Time to put the pedal to the metal with these open coaching sessions designed to support you as you take all the tools you’ve learned out on the road!. 



Individual coaching tailored to your needs, week to week. Keep the momentum rolling!


Fearlessly put your home-away-from-home (or, let’s-go-home-again) plan into action, because you’ve got a coach in your corner to help you through the speed bumps!


Build resilience as you take the risks that will bring your vision to life—and surpass it!


You have a thorough packing list, but did you know you might have a very destructive stowaway in that suitcase? In this module, we’ll coach through how to handle the Fearful Travel Partner so you can look back at your experience with no regrets



Discover the #1 self-destructive, hidden message that will get in the way of doing exactly what you want to do in your new country.


Learn to eliminate the unconscious hidden self-talk that will stop you from creating meaningful relationships, taking risks, and trying new things.


Live a “no-regrets” expat adventure, and become an amazing, fearless example to your family (hint: you’ll feel fear but it’s not going to stop you!).


Master the incredible process of conquering your inner critic . . . for a lifetime!


I never thought I could do that!” Let’s celebrate and anchor in all that you’ve accomplished during our time together, so you can take the tools and insights you’ve gained anywhere in the world!. 


Your coaching investment doesn’t end here. In this session, we’ll coach around how to use what you’ve gained anywhere, anytime. You’ve created an amazing expat experience . . . and you can use these tools to create an amazing future whenever you want!


Anchor into your compass, your strengths, and your voice so that you can call upon what you’ve gained in coaching for the rest of your lifetime.


Celebrate YOU and how much you’ve accomplished! Fully step into the triumph and joy of having done the work that leads to an unforgettable adventure!

Your once in a lifetime adventure is just a click away.

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