You’ve been offered an opportunity to move abroad!
It’s a unique chance to have a life-changing adventure.

“You cannot make progress
without making decisions.”
– Jim Rohn

You might be feeling like you should jump into it. After all, how lucky are you to have the chance? You might feel like this is such an amazing opportunity for your spouse’s career, how could you possibly consider saying no? Maybe it’s an amazing offer but terrible timing.

If you’re struggling with making a decision about whether to move abroad, you’re not at all alone. We’re often given such a short period of time to make a life-changing decision!

That’s where I come in. I’ll coach you through getting very, very clear on what matters most to you in this decision, so that you can have a strong, powerful voice in the process.

Book your session now if you:

  • Have been presented with the opportunity to move abroad, but don’t know if it’s right for you (and/or your family).

  • Have been living abroad and now need to decide if it’s time to go back to your home country or stay abroad.

  • Are overwhelmed and stressed about the decisions you need to make and feel as though you’re getting lost in the shuffle.

Decision-Making Happy Hour includes:

  • A Pre-Session Questionnaire to kick-start your clear thinking and help you sort through the decision making fog.

  • One 2-hour session, just you and me, to help you sort through all the confusion and emotions that come with a major decision like this one. Sessions are conducted over the phone (or Skype, WhatsApp, Zoom) to accommodate my clients all over the world.

  • One 30-minute Follow-Up Session that will erase any lingering confusion or doubts, so you can move forward feeling strong and clear in your decision.

  • Customized coaching tools and exercises to guide you to a decision that’s true to YOU!

Don’t let fear and anxiety make your decision for you!

Your no-regrets expat experience starts
with a strong decision,
you’re confident in!

“I would recommend charlotte to anyone struggling with a decision, or who wants to feel inspired to chase their goals.”

Alyssa Murphy 

“Having Charlotte as my Coach is like having a best friend that will not let you get stuck in your own head. She intuitively asks questions that make me think deeper and to see my concerns in a whole new light ” 

Kathy Powell